Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Agonies of a Meeting Room

I was just a meeting room a month ago. Now I have a bunch of hooligans who indefinitely sit here and work (?!). Now I bear the load of 6 systems on my feeble horse-shoe shaped table and on my electrical capabilities.

If I had a manager to complain to, I would escalate these issues, which have tarnished my image forever:-
  • Sometimes they complain that the room is too cold; I see them wearing their jackets, hoodies, sweaters etc and if they don’t have one, they publicly insult me by borrowing from others sitting in some ‘not-so-cold’ corners of the building. 
  • Some other times, they tell it is too hot and congested, or even that there is no air circulation. 
  • They sulk about the lights that it is bright, it is yellow and it dries out their eyes. 
  • They sent out emails sitting in my heart telling that the work environment is poor. 
  • They keep my doors open on the pretext that there is no ventilation , but I strongly believe that they do it for the sake of staring at guys and gals who admire me while passing by.

How long have I wanted to hold a meeting? To discuss, to solve and to assess problems and issues. Wasn’t that exciting?

Will that era ever come back to me?

Will these guys, these shameless guys go away any time soon?

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