Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Daughter's day

Lucky a daughter and daughter-in-law, that I am. That's because I was born of a southie Amma and after marriage I was transferred to the care of a northie mom-in-law.
Amma was the typical Kerala mom whose eyes used to roll out even at the mention of threading of eyebrows. Her being a teacher made rules @ home even more stricter. Appa used to work out of town mostly leaving Amma and the 2 kiddos for the entire week and came home only for the weekend. She's always seen busy with something or the other.

Trivandrum being the capital city, was a destination for many of our relatives mainly during emergencies. Amma was always there to help and I have thousands of people out there to vouch for me. Rarely was she out of work, if all work in the world was finished, she would be seen inventing a whole new world itself to keep herself engaged.

At home, apart from cleaning and cooking, she'll be drying chilly/coriander/ rice/ dont-know-what in order to powder them and store it up or maybe she'll be making chips/kuzhalappam/ achappam/ chammandipodi/ pickle or she'll be embroidering a new saree. Oh did I miss the coconut drying session which is an annual ritual?

Apart from all this, she's a favourite teacher among her students. Being in this profession for more than 30 years, there's a huge populace on which she has left her mark. It's a pleasure being asked " LG teacherude molalle?"

Now about us.
We were the usual maa-beti duo who fought often, over silly matters, of course. But now after marriage, I miss her so much. Calling her up for general advice and recipes is just one slice of it. Fevers can trigger the senti over and over again.Yes, I miss her too badly when I feel sick with fever or cold. Maybe it's for the kanji and cherupayar thoran, maybe for the feeling of being guarded over, I cant find an exact reason.

What I know for sure is that I love you, Amma

On this Daughter's Day, my post goes out to all those daughters of the world who never realised their mother's love and the love they had for their mothers', until marriage separated them.
Go ahead and hug your mom, all your girls and Happy Daughter's Day...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First things first

My first step into a whole new world...
Ice-breaking session is first in the agenda. Yours truly is a humble lass (packaged applause, expected) who an year and a half ago, lived with parents and a scringy bro in the capital city of Kerala. Though born to a family of a nuclear size, me took pride in being the eldest grand daughter in both parents' family.
Now the tables have turned, drastically...
Once I stepped into marital bliss, she was to be the youngest of her Gen-X in the family, which was huge, now counting themselves to 22 almost (one of us is on the way).
And about my Mr. J, he is the sweetest while sleeping. Oh I'm just kidding, he seems quite patient with the usual hell-breaking sessions of mine. Best friend, who in course of time agreed to bear with me for a whole lifetime.
Lots to share, wait and watch all out there...
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