Friday, March 30, 2012


Those came home when Jiya was one and a half month old. When I was putting her to sleep during those sleepless nights, she would always wake up because of it. It was indeed frustrating to see that. All at home would be sleeping by then and of course, who’s sitting up at 1 am, other than me trying to put the baby to sleep. I used to despise it even though it was me who asked for it. Same like what I had when I was a baby. So I used to remove it at nights and then, whenever I was putting her to sleep. So finally its location was permanently shifted to a box in the cupboard for use in future.

Last week, I brought it to light again, Jiya has been enjoying it now. She sleeps even though it tries to wake her up. When she’s sleepy, no one can prevent her from sleep. They better not try or she’ll scream your head off.

Did not get it?!!!

It’s her anklet I am talking about, to be precise “kaalthala”.  It has three jingling beads set at 120 degree angle, technically. Her grandfather aka my Dad bought it and was always trying to put it on for her while I was always removing it because she would not sleep with it on. Yes, Boo, you are right. What’s with the grandparents?

 Now, she can sleep wearing it, she has grown up, you know. And moreover, she’s throwing up her leg in the air and banging it on the floor to hear it Jingle. But the legs come down with a "Phattaak” noise, sending chills down the spine for all at home. Otherwise, she’ll roll towards the wall and bang it on the wall. She's extremely happy with it and me too. 

And Mr Dad, Happy now?

Addendum: Finally the kaalthala had to go back to its place in the cupboard and that too on the next day this post was published. One of the silver beads broke into two because of all the leg-banging of madam Jiya and I was concerned whether she'll mouth the silver beads after breaking them.

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