Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'll tell you what happened...

It has been ages since I even turned back to this part of the world. Sigh…

What all happened in my life after the last post and this one?!!! I left my first job in Bangalore, took rest for a couple of months, got into a new one and now I have blossomed into a mother of a little ball of happiness.

It was in October that I got to hold her in my arms after so many months of waiting and working. And she was so punctual that I delivered on my due-date itself. I definitely should be rewarded for on time delivery and accuracy. Hehehe…

Working through 8 months of pregnancy made me feel like a superwoman, in fact. I would have continued for another month, if I had someone to help me at home, at least cook for me. Moreover, I had to travel down to Kerala for delivery, so I had to put down my working cap and enjoy the days of idleness and rest in September. It was tough to live away from J and be happy for the life inside me, at the same time.

God Almighty was gracious enough for preserving the companionship I had with J during my delivery as well. My calculated due date was October 7th but the scan result said October 8th. So the doc asked me to come to hospital only by the evening of 7th, unless I feel otherwise.

My mom who’s still working used to worry about me breaking my water or something like that while she was away at work. Her colleagues used to roll eyes at her for leaving me at home. So finally she began to be with me but that meant restrictions for me and of course, more eating apples, dates etc.

I was literally tired of waiting by the time J rode down from Bangalore to Trivandrum on his Pulsar on October 6th. Coincidentally, my neighbour who thought I had another 2 months to deliver came and invited us for a lunch out, to which I nodded a big NO. But then they convinced us for dinner, I was ok with it, provided J reached by evening.

We went out to a restaurant at around 7pm. J was so tired after the long drive but food is always welcome na? So we ordered Appam, beef fry, fried rice, chicken Manchurian, egg roast, vegetable curry etc etc.  Burrp, happy stomachs, happy people, what else we want… But eyes were popping out seeing a full pregnant lady, me (giggle) gorging her plate and I was a walking wonder all the way to the car. Oh shy me…

We returned home with a contented heart and even more contented stomach. J was finally getting some sleep or so he thought. My tenant started pushing and pulling by 10 pm in the night. When I told J that there are “knock knocks” from inside, he was too sleepy to reply. So I told him to sleep until I get it confirmed from my mom that it is “that”. By the time I whispered to my mother to wake up, my dad was already up with the car keys. J had to resume his sleeping in the hospital room later in the night.What a day for him!!!

By 12 in the night, we reached the casualty and I was taken into the Labour room. While they monitored the contractions, they asked me whether I had referred the Internet while in pregnancy for how the labour will start. Anyways, they made me relax and sleep through the night as the contractions were mild.

Next day morning they woke me up at 5 am and made me ready for the procedure. My water broke as a result of the enema, no wonder. Refer the menu for last night’s dinner.
Moral of the story: Eat less during pregnancy at least on the eve of your due date.

The contractions were induced  at 6 am. At 10.18 am, my little plum was out into this world. The pain, the tiredness and the hunger vanished when she came to kiss me on the delivery table with eyes wide open. She was 3.05 kg and 50 cm at birth.

We named her after her Dad’s maternal grandmother. But we call her ‘Jiya’ at home. In fact, I am still calling her “lallu”, I can’t help it. I love her.

My little girl, I love you for what you have turned me into.

P.S. So, what inspired me to blog again? “I too have a Rainbow” now, Thanks to Aisha and her mom…

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  1. Enjoyed reading you pregnancy and delivery story...and thanks for mentioning me in your post. I never thought my blog would inspire someone. Please put in stories about your munchkin so that I can know her better. Kisses to your sweet pie!