Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's cooking?

I've been eating my hubby's head ever since we went to Agra and saw my uncle-in-law cooking amazingly. All men in the family were known to specialise in some or the other dishes. My mallu man always considered it a shame to get his hands on cooking. But thanks to the Agra trip and "Amul presents Masterchef India", now he's all excited to shape up his culinary skills.
Yesterday he googled for "Chicken Manchurian" and found 2 recipes. He bought all ingredients of both the recipes and was getting confused with both. One minute, he says he'll follow Recipe 1 and in the second minute, he'll switch over to Recipe 2. Finally I had to intervene for him to finalise. Ha, I forgot to say, I had been banished from my Kitchen as soon as he decided to take over.
But far from what I had thought, the dish came out so good that I was left licking my fingers and even forgot to have the accompanying rice. Laajawaab, meri Jaan... Masha Allah...
Today again he wanted to make the same thing and he had a reason too. His best friend from College is leaving Bangalore for Delhi by mid- December. So he wanted to impress him as well. Okay, go ahead. But I warned him - "Oru vattam chakka veenu muyalu chathu ennu vechu, eppazhum eppazhum chavumennu vichaarikkalle!"
This time the quantity was more and there was time constraint as well. But still I didn't go in to mess up his creation. By the way, why should I? He called me a mere soldier while he termed himself as Emperor in cooking. Ahaaa... So me who cooks everyday made a fool out of myself with all my efforts. Hmph!
This time, something was lacking. God knows what it is. Though it was awesome , it lacked the grandeur of its predecessor.
Anyways his efforts paid off. his friend was amazed .
All's good that ends well...
That's what he made- Chicken Manchurian

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