Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Miss Vanity

Some people are irreplaceable and so lovable, even when they get on your nerves. My Miss Vanity is a person like that.


During a long evening walk, when my dear friend Miss Vanity looks at the lightning in the faraway sky and exclaims ”Thunder!”, my jaws dropped.

When I gather my senses to think that the other brain cannot be more stupid, she corrects herself, “yeah, I call it silent thunder”.

Boom! I just had a heart attack.

Case 2.

Miss Vanity is hungry and have not had breakfast at 9.00 am. We have very little time before getting picked up for a team event organized at the suburbs of the city. Almost panicking, we hunt for a darshini for a plate of idli. But Miss Vanity peeps into each petty shop which sells mostly only cigarettes. Finally, I am  pissed and turn around to ask whether she wants cigarettes.

She blatantly replies, “I DON’T DRINK!”

Case 3.

Actually, this was the first case, but slipped my mind. I had to get help to remember this one!

Initially, myself and Miss P had some apprehensions about the grey matter content in Miss Vanity’s brain. So one day, we directly asked, “ are you dumb or just acting?”

“I can hear!”, she replies, answering all our questions!

P.S.: Any resemblance to people living or dead are purely coincidental. LOL and phew!

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